The Healing Hearts Project is a proud supporter of the Bir Sakya Lamas Society in Himachal Pradesh, India. 

The Dirru Samdup Dechen Choekhor Ling monastery is located at Bir Tibetan refugee settlement, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a prominent Tibetan Buddhist learning centers under the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Established in 1965, this monastery is one of original Buddhist Centres in India working towards the promotion and preservation of Tibetan Buddhism, particularly the Sakya tradition. It had been administered under the guidance of late venerable 7th Gyalsay Rinpoche until his demise in 1994. Since then the monastery is being headed by 7th Dungyud Rinpoche and 8th Gyalsay Rinpoche and through the kind supports of their disciples.

How You Can Help

The difference sponsorship makes to individuals’ lives is immeasurable. In becoming a sponsor you give these Tibetan students a chance to learn, create their own future and live their dreams.

Our current project with the Bir Sakya Lama's School cares for the most needy children among the Tibetan refugees who are either orphaned or have a relative but are unable to keep the child due to difficult circumstances. The Sakya has a total number of 90 monks from Nepal and Himalayan Regions. These young monks are penniless, entirely dependent upon your generosity. 


Your gift will allow a monk to receive a 30-day supply of essential food and nutrition for breakfast.
Rs. 150/month
CDN $3.00/month 


Your gift will allow a monk to receive essential medical support to cover costs for any medical assistance they need for good health and well-being.
Rs. 2500/month
CDN $4.00/month 

Your gift will cover the cost of books, clothing, room and boarding fees for a monk to attain modern and monastic education for their development.
CDN $10.00/month


Your generous general operating gifts allow us to put 100% of donations to work for the students of the Bir Sakya Lamas School. General funds are used for program development and allow the Healing Hearts Project and our vital development goals to remain sustainable in the long-term.